You've run into an issue, now what?

  1. Add it to your project on Rallypoint

    Most people aren't mind readers. Whatever problem you run into add it and give your team a chance to face the problem together.

  2. Involve team members whose expertise or opinions are needed

    No need to bother people for no reason. You wouldn’t need your company lawyer's thoughts on issues about your homepage’s design. But you might want to bring them in on that issue about dealing with non paying customers.

  3. Explore solutions until one is found that is acceptable for those involved

    Prevent making bad calls and wasting time trying to find the theoretical best. What might seem like a good idea to a marketer could be a deathtrap in the eyes of a designer. But iterating on designs forever won't help anyone either. As long as the solution is acceptable to everyone involved, it's good enough.

  4. Adjust your plans and move on

    Once you know what to do, go do it. Rallypoint won't keep you in a moment longer than needed, nor does it care what method, tools or software you use to keep track of your todo's.

  • Play to each other's strengths

  • Keep your project on track

  • Feel like a real team again

We're slowly letting people in

Rallypoint is far from complete. It's still got quite a few sharp edges, bugs and tons of functionality we're still working on. But because we think it's already more useful than broken, we've started giving people early access. Be sure to leave your email so we can invite you too once we're ready to handle some more people.